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AlisterTalksBonds.Com SM
is the site for serious individual investors who wish to learn more about fixed-income securities and bond portfolio management techniques from an experienced and respected financial advisor, Sharon A. Alister.

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Bonds in Your Portfolio
Bonds are an essential component of every person's portfolio. Their steady, predictable income paired with safety of principal makes them highly attractive to many investors. This is especially true for risk-averse investors and investors approaching retirement.
Should you buy Tax-Free or Taxable Bonds?

Market Commentary
US Economics Digest -- 3/26/01
Downside Risks to Growth Forecasts
· Increased financial market fragility is making the outlook for economic activity much more vulnerable to a downside shock than it was only a couple of weeks ago. The decline in overall stock market valuations -- the Wilshire 5000 is down 14% year to date -- is becoming an increasingly large downside risk to our growth forecasts for the second half of this year.
· The outcome of the next round of monthly economic data, specifically NAPM (April 2), the employment report (April 6) and capacity utilization (April 17), as well as the behavior of the stock market in the interim will determine whether changes to our forecasts are warranted.
· Lots of Fed Speak this week: Greenspan on Tuesday at 8am, as well as Santomero, Gramlich, Poole, Broaddus, Meyer and Jordan.

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Today's Rates (indications only)
as of 3/30/2001


AAA Munis

3 mo 4.33%  N/A 
6 mo 4.14%  N/A 
1 yr 4.15%  3.21% 
2 yr 4.27%  3.38% 
5 yr 4.65%  3.75% 
10 yr 5.00%  4.29% 
30 yr 5.49%  5.03% 

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